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Fertility Restorationtm

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Beth's Center For Acupuncture​

Most wisdom traditions teach that nature has provided all that we need to repair and sustain ourselves.   

The National Institute of Health has found that many natural botanicals work as well, if not better, than the modern manufactured synthetic versions of them.

Traditional herbal therapy has a rich, well documented history dating back over 6,000 years. American researchers are just now discovering what the older cultures have known for ages. It is a privilege to live in a time with access to so much new information about the healing properties of natural botanicals.

Come learn how nature's bounty can safely and sustainably heal you and your family.

  • Our clinic uses only the highest quality, GMP certified, pharmaceutical and professional grade herbal prescriptions. 
  • No herbs are prescribed to patients currently undergoing ART/IVF treatments.
  • No herbal prescriptions are given without consultation and examination.

This clinic specializes in a natural fertility enhancement protocol called Fertility RestorationTM.   Whether you are trying to conceive on your own or working with a reproductive endocrinologist, Fertility Restoration can help you.

Based on traditional Chinese Medicine which holds many keys to creating a fertile environment in and outside your body, this ancient and proven method, can increase your chances of conception

over 30%.


Acupuncture physician,

Beth Hopkins-Acampora, AP has the honor of practice privileges at the Jacksonville Center For Reproductive Medicine (JCRM) and

at Dr. Brown's Fertility Clinic.

She has also had the distinction of sharing hundreds of successful patients with the doctors at the Florida Institute of Reproductive Medicine (FIRM).

With well over 400 babies born to her clients over the last 20 years of practice, Fertility Restorationtm is on the rise because of one reason:  IT WORKS!!! 

Come learn how you can grow a healthy family with Fertility Restorationtm today.

Traditional Medicines have a long and successful history of restoring health and well-being. Originally designed promote youth and to ward off the aging process, these ancient medical models  have a lot of offer in maintaining well being throughout our modern lifespans.

New scientific discoveries are now proving how and why traditional medicines works so well.  From finding the acupuncture channels in Asia in the 60s, to neurological 

brain mapping today, traditional medicines have been clinically proven to:

  • Increase and enhance brain and metabolic functioning, 
  • Regulate out of control chemical & hormonal production within the body,
  • Reduce and heal chronic pain patterns. Studies show it does so better than prescription drugs, without the unwanted side effects and addiction.

Come on in to the Center and experience increased brain function. Regulate your metabolism and leave your pain behind. Traditional Chinese medicine will help you feel and look younger while increasing your vitality and mental focus.

  • Our physicians is nationally board certified and licensed by the State of Florida.  ​​
  • Only pre-sterilized disposable needles are used as required by law.  
  • Client confidentiality is upheld at all times pursuant to HIPAA laws and compliance.