General Practice / Internal Medicine

Because Chinese Medicine governs the Primo Vascular system, it has a method of cure for any and every disease mechanism in the body.  Diagnosis is very different in eastern approaches to healing.  We talk in terms of organ responsibility and metabolic function.  Our physician has special training  and interest in treating the following kinds of internal medicine cases:

  • Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression & Chronic Fatigue
  • Digestive disorders, food allergies, IBS, Colitis, Crohns
  • Allergies, sinus pain & congestion, Skin allergies, Candida
  • Neuropathy, swelling, edema, numbness, poor lymph function
  • High blood pressure, cholesteral issues
  • Metabolism issues, Thyroid imbalance, holistic weight management

IVF Enhancement

Exciting advancements in medicine have shown that acupuncture increases IVF success rates by an additional 26% during IVF cycles.........that's a big number..!!!  The word is out and the number of acupuncture & IVF babies is growing.....over 400 in this clinic..;)   Clients who invest in fertility acupuncture report feeling more in control of their cycles. They enjoy talking about their case and options with someone who has experience, while learning to take better care of themselves during the sometimes difficult process of ART.  Fertility acupuncture clients report significant decreases in feelings of stress and frustration and often look forward to their treatments as an opportunity to be still and present during a busy and stressful time of their lives.

Treatment is best done on breaks from ART or started 6 weeks prior to transfer date.  Over the past 20 years, Beth has developed an effective treatment protocol that boosts success rates and gives her clients feelings of more control over their cycles.  Beth often serves as a coach through this difficult process.  Everyone's path is different.  Come learn how you can greatly improve your chances of becoming a parent by investing in IVF enhancement.

Contact Beth 904-396-3896 to see if IVF Enhancement is right for you.  

Beth returns all calls personally.

Fertility RestorationTM

This clinic specializes in Fertility Restorationtm,  a proven, natural fertility enhancement program. Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, the oldest, most sophicated medical philosophy and practice on the planet, our methods produce results.

Fertility Restorationtm uses the wisdom (DNA) of nature to reset our stressed, mediocre functioning selves to an enhanced, optimal state.  This optimal state is hardwired into our Primo Vascular System.  It just needs activation.  

Research has documented that our own DNA cells become very active and communicative after needle, laser or kinetic stimulation.  The Primo Vascular System, aka acupuncture meridians, contain hormones and stem cells, indicating why natural Fertility Restorationtm is so effective in improving all aspects of reproduction. 

When appropriate, custom natural botanicals are used to safely:

  • Enrich blood quality and supply, to nourish life
  • Promote circulation, to counteract our sedentary habits
  • Increase supply of nutrients to the reproductive system, to counteract overwork, over/under exercise and/or poor diet.
  • Enhance the metabolism, to promote regularity

Fertility Restorationtm has been clinical proven to:


  • Increases egg quality by improving the circulation of blood and nutritious fluid around the ovaries;

  • Reduces cysts (PCOS), dryness and stagnation in the reproductive area caused by stress, poor diet and artifical hormone management;

  • Reduces endometriosis symptoms by stimulating tissue absorption and blood flow in and out of the Jade Palace ;)  

  • Regulates irregular or lost cycles, re-establishing a pain free, harmonious monthly cycle, very often in sync with the moon, the way it is supposed to be!

  • Improves sperm count, motility, morphology & ph for men

  • Balances hormones to treat and resolve PMS, bloating, acne, and fatigue.

  • Increase feelings of relaxation to enhance sexual energy, interest, performance and enjoyment.

Chronic & Acute Pain

Acupuncture has been proven to safely and effectively reduce and relieve pain.  Your body has pain relieving chemicals built into your brain.  Acupuncture amps up that portion of your brain.  MRI scanning shows that one session of acupuncture is equivalent to a dose of morphine.  After a short series of treatments, most patients reduce or elimate pain medications which are harmful to your health and addictive.  Our physician has a special interest in treating the following kinds of chronic and acute pain cases:  

  • All Back, sciatica, arthritis, injury, pre and post op prep
  • Neck, shoulder, elbow (tennis, golf), wrist, carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Knee (injury, arthritis) ankle, foot (heel spur, plantar fasciitis)  
  • Abdominal, menstural (PMS), digestive (IBS, colitis, Crohn's), scar tissue pain
  • Headache, migraine (All types)
  • TMJ, dental pain, ear congestion and pain, sinus congestion pressure and pain

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