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Beth Hopkins-Acampora, BA Ed., AP

My passion for Chinese Medicine began over 20 years ago after a fateful car accident that left me with chronic pain. At the time, I was a medical paralegal helping hundreds of patients through the medical, insurance and legal systems.  I knew what I was in for........! I had seen in countless cases how the medical system had failed injured people.  I knew the options.  I did the physical therapy. Didn't work.  I got the shots.  Didn't work long. I took the drugs. I couldn't think clearly and ultimately the pain came back when they wore off.  I wasn't about to get hooked on such a temporary and dangerous game. So I went to a chiropractor. It was ok. I got temporary relief. I enjoyed the massages, but within days the pain always returned. Deep inside, I knew from professional and personal experience, western medicine had very little to offer when it comes to chronic pain.  Then one day, my Tai Chi teacher suggested acupuncture.  I thought, "NO WAY. I'll never let someone stick needles in me."  Months passed.  As good teachers do, he suggested again.  That time, I was more willing. The pain was affecting every area of my life.

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So I got my first acupuncture treatment.  Did my pain magically vanish?  No.  But it somehow felt different.  And somehow, I felt differently about it.  The first thing I noticed after acupuncture was that I had so much energy.  I had never felt so alive.  I also noticed a perspective change.  Some habitual irritants in my life (we all have those) were much less bothersome.  The things that got me all worked up in the past, didn't affect me in the same way.  I saw certain situations differently, which helped me make better decisions for myself.  After a while I noticed that I didn't have any pain, anywhere.  What was left was an awareness and knowledge that the body can heal.  

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that the body can heal itself.  It is a primary philosophy that is missing in western medicine.  My Tai Chi and Qigong teachers, Masters Frank and Laura Paolillo, taught me about the philosophy of Chinese medicine in my Tai Chi and Qigong studies.  I will never forget the lessons I learned and the way that I grew at the School of Chinese Arts in Jacksonville, FL and the Tao Institute, in Ponte Vedra, FL.  I am grateful for the opportunity to pass the light forward.  Through their influence, I found my true path.

During my studies at the School of Chinese Arts, I had the opportunity to work with a nurse who had special insight to life and healing.  My dear mentor, Millie Carmen Miranda, opened my ability to see beyond the obvious and trust the inner voice that is always guiding us forward.  It is she, who encouraged me to become an acupuncture physician.  Her courage to speak her heart ignited an abrupt shift in my life.  Instead of going to law school or studying to become a psychologist, which was my original plan, I embarked on the pathway to become an acupuncture physician.  

After the clouds broke open the the trumpet playing stopped, I signed up for acupuncture college at the Mandarin School of Chinese Medicine where I attended for 3 years and obtained my Master's Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in 1996. It was acupuncturist Michael Kowalski who opened the school and provided a space for us to change our lives so we can help others do the same.  His loving attitude and unshakable cheer (and we tried to shake it) is inspirational.  I had the distinct opportunity to study acupuncture diagnostics with world famous Professor J.R. Worsley while he was still living.  It was very enlightening.  He was a profound influence on my career.  Without the terrific support from the folks at the law firm Pajcic and Pajcic, and Robert Eshelman, PA where I worked during my training and residency, I would have never had made it through.  Steve and Gary Pajcic and Bob Eshelman are fabulous people. I was truly blessed by their employ. 

I had the always interesting opportunity to study with Kyle Wright at his infamous Southeastern School of Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy.  He is truly a bodywork master.  I completed my neuromuscular training in '95 to add massage and healing touch to my treatments.

Since obtaining my board certification and Florida license, I have had the pleasure of continuing my studies with numerous great Masters and teachers in the art.  My beloved teacher Dr. Ya Di Liu.  He took me in as an apprentice, when no one else did (because of language barriers and probably that I'm a woman).  Through his counsel and example, I learned about myself. My dear teacher Dr. Robert Chin helps me understand the importance of this medicine and to the appreciate the depth and breadth of the possibilities when it comes the miracle of our self healing body.  

Master Kam Poh Lee is a local martial arts expert and acupuncture physician.  He has been a mentor in my Tai Chi studies and a great colleague and friend in the field of acupuncture. He has provided many wonderful opportunities for us to study with true masters in the field.  I cannot stress the importance of actual studies with a real master.  It's a whole different culture and mindset, one that is difficult to convey to an American.  Sometimes you just have to see it and experience directly for yourself.  That being said, I have personally studied with Grandmaster Hua Ching Ni, Master Zhang Xue Xin, Master Yang Yang, Master George Xu, and Master Chen Xiaowang. Their training lineages include Taiji and Kung Fu greats like: Grandmaster Poi Chan, Grandmaster Chen Fake, Master Kay Chi Leung and Master Li En Jiu.  

This training lineage gives a special and very authentic quality to my work, particularly in the field of Medical Qigong and acupuncture medical philosophy.  I see some young acupuncturist with no knowledge of the classics.  Schools nowadays have dropped that important foundational study, just like they dropped music, art and health from public schools. Boy, does it matter......... Before you receive acupuncture, ask whether or not they have studied the I Ching, or the Tao Te Ching and whether or not they know what a Bonghan Channel is.  If they do not know, you would not receiving the full benefit of the medicine.  

I opened up the Center for Natural Health, my first clinic and Tai Chi/Yoga school back in 1996.  It was one of the first yoga studios in Jacksonville before the big yoga boom!  In 2004, I was contacted by Dr. Michael Fox to provide acupuncture to his fertility patients.  We have successfully shared hundreds of patients over the years as fertility acupuncture grew in North Florida.  In 2010,  I opened my second clinic, Center For Acupuncture to focus on fertility acupuncture and chronic pain. My new location in the St. Nick/San Marco area sees many lovely folks from all walks of life who want to improve their health and lives naturally.  They are ready for change.  I am ready to show anyone who is willing how to do it, quickly and effectively.  It is truly a joy to serve people in this way primarily because it works so well.  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to help couples build a family.  I have some families who have come back to have 3 and 4 children when they were told they could not have any by their traditional doctors.  It is also a joy and privilege to be able to help someone suffering from chronic pain and degenerative diseases find permanent relief and get them off prescription medicines that are jeopardizing their health.  Let me help you.  It would be my pleasure.

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