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This is a Private Acupuncture Center.....

Unlike other community style clinics where quick, rote services are performed on multiple people in an open, non private room, this clinic maintains privacy and confidentiality of all its patients pursuant to HIPAA laws. Treatment rooms are private, professional and relaxing.  In private acupuncture therapy, time is available for you to learn, relax, release and renew.  Each patient has the opportunity to spend at least 30 minutes of personal time with the physician to have all questions answered and to learn how to stay well. This is in addition to the 30-45 minute acupuncture treatment. Very often, it is the personal interaction of the physician and patient that makes the difference in healing.

The application process begins with a personal phone conversation with the physician.  Should it be determined that these therapies could help you, a mutually convenient in person appointment is scheduled.  

To begin the process to increased vitality, pain free living and optimal health, call Beth's private office at 904-396-3896.  If she is in with patients when you call, please leave a

message for her.  She is interested in your case and will return your call personally as soon

as she can.

More people have been treated with acupuncture and Chinese medicine than any other medicine combined!  Only pre-sterilized, disposable needles are used to:

  • enhance brain activity,
  • stimulate optimal internal organ function, &
  • increase circulation to relieve pain.

Experience matters when it comes to acupuncture point location.  Research shows significant improvement in results when the correct point is located.  Our physician Beth, has placed well over 650,000 needles during the last 20 years of service. Acupuncture is quick, effective and relatively painless.  Most clients take a power nap and report feeling extremely relaxed after their sessions.

Chinese herbalism is the oldest, most sophisticated pharmaceutical medicine on the planet. With a history dating back over 6,500 years, much is already known about nature's chemical bounty. Our professional grade herbal formulas are triple checked for pesticides and heavy metals so you can be assured you are getting the safest and most effective natural botanicals.  No herbs are prescribed without examination by the physician for your safety.

For existing clients, online pharmacy link is at bottom of this page.

To find out more about:

  • Mindfulness Classes,
  • Fertility Qigong Seminars,
  • Fertility Restoration Events, or  
  • to schedule an appointment for a Holistic Lifestlye Evaluation.....

Call 904-396-3896 for more info....

The importance of human touch and attention cannot be replaced by technology, no matter how hard we try! The Chinese figured that out long ago. Qigong (chi-kung) means "being skillful with your energy."  This healing art has been passed down from doctor to student for thousands of years in many cultures and healing traditions.  Our physician studied with authentic renown Grandmasters in the art. Qigong is used to remove long standing blockages in the body and mind. Clients leave their sessions feeling a renewed sense of self, well being and direction in their lives.

Our bloated diet industry is like the 10,000 "things" of Taoist philosophy.  So many different opinions.  If even one diet was the answer for everybody, there wouldn't be all the others. What to eat can be very confusing on google - definitely T.M.I.....!!  Research shows that making too many changes in your life at once is actually counter-productive.

With specialized training in traditional dietary therapies Beth, developed a simple 3 step customizable plan that can be tailored to what YOU need and nothing else. Recommendations are doable, affordable and effective.  Otherwise it's a waste of time and money. No crazy fads or multi-level marketing schemes.  

Many of our problems arise from a lack of awareness (or mindfulness) about the energetic effect of our daily activities and habits.

Eastern life philosophies encourage and foster living in harmony with the flow of nature.  This is a stark contrast from Western philosophy which revolves around material gain at any cost, and separation of self from community.

These incorrect philosophies have gravely damaged our societal structure, our natural economic cycles, our physical health and our mental/emotional sense of security.  

Adopting proven, mindful techniques will increase feelings of self control and contentedness - attainable and satisfactory values to follow, rather than the perpetual chasing of money, power and status.

Come learn how to live in harmony with the patterns of creation.......the handiwork of the creator.....seen in the ebb and flow of nature. With mindfulness, you will learn to see your world with different eyeballs.  A very rich view indeed.

Medical Qigong

  • Mindfulness Training
  • I Ching Conflict Resolution Skills

Over 25,000 treatments given . . . Experience Matters . . . 904-396-3896 

Beth's Center For Acupuncture​

Infrared Light Therapy

The research is out.......Infrared Light Therapy works to relieve pain by increasing circulation and reducing inflammation.  

Infrared Light Therapy is included in every bodywork service, for free. Enjoy!