​Dear Beth, We are forever indebted to you.  Thank you so much for helping us stay healthy and build our family.  Annabel is a gem and we wouldn't have had her without your help.  Thanks again. K.D.  St. Augustine, FL

Hey Beth, Guess what?  My Beta test was positive!!   I'm sure your magic needles helped me get more eggs;)  Thank you a million times over  J.K.

Beth, You're amazing.  I seriously cannot begin to tell you how incredibly thankful I am for you. You went above and beyond and I couldn't have done it without you!   - J.H.

Beth, Thanks for all your great advice and "poking me" treatments with you!!!  It has made a huge difference in my life. - DH - Jacksonville, FL

Just a note of thanks for helping me last month.  Your treatment worked wonders.  I am always amazed by the results of acupuncture and I am very glad I can come to you.  Thanks! - T.M.

Even though I just began acupuncture, I never thought I'd say this since I dislike needles, but I'm looking forward to my next treatment tomorrow afternoon.  I definitely feel more relaxed after the treatments.   Jane S.

Got a positive pregnancy test this morning.  Thanks for all your good thoughts and help.  We are still in shock! - Rhonda M.

My husband though I was crazy doing the acupuncture, however, he's bragging to everyone now how it worked.  We can't wait for baby John to arrive.....We have you to thank for it.  We will send pictures. - Melissa J.  

You were right!  Number 2 was easier!  Thank you for all the helpful recommendations.  Without making those lifestyle changes we'd be back for more ART.  It worked naturally and I'm telling all my friends.  Thank you so much.  - Helen D.

You are a huge reason why these little guys are here!  I'm a total believer.  Thank you.  Robin L.

Just a note to tell you the blood test was positive!  I know the acupuncture made all the difference.  Thank you for your care and treatment.  I appreciate the encouragement you gave me. - Jen B.

I wanted to send you a quick update and say thank you very much for your treatments and encouragement that brought us our precious little boy!   He arrived on July 6th.  We are loving every moment with our little man!  You were right - the moment we shifted the focus off fertility, it all fell into place!   Thanks again.  P. B.

Baby Emma arrived safely on Saturday.  We tell everyone about how you and the acupuncture helped.  Thanks again.  - Wendi J.

Thank you again for our miracle baby!  She is 16 months old now and absolutely amazing.  I know we wouldn't have had her if it wasn't for you. -  Louise O.

Beth, Thank you so much for helping me and Jason fulfill our dreams with this little miracle!  You work wonders.  She is absolutely everything that we had hoped for.  We can't thank you enough. Keep working your magic."  H.T. (natural pregnancy after doctor had recommended donor eggs!!)

I am so grateful for the care that you have given me during my infertility issues and the pregnancy.  You are a wonderful physician, counselor and friend.  My family and I will be forever grateful to you. - Lisa A.  (she had another baby naturally 2 years later!)

I'm so excited!  I got a positive on my pregnancy test this morning!  You're a miracle worker! - BH

Well, I can tell you for five months we have been trying to get pregnant, and the one month I come to you, we get pregnant!!!!   I just found out after taking 8 different tests.  Thank you so much!  H.S.

This frozen egg transfer worked because we used your acupuncture!  We're pregnant with twin boys thanks to you.  Thank you so much for your help.  You were so accommodating during the hectic scheduling.  We wish you all the best.  - Sarah G.

My little Princess turns 4 today.  I am so thankful for everything involved in becoming her mom!  For the opened husband that supported my decision to turn to eastern medicine (acupuncture) when western medicine failed us so many times.  Thank you Beth, for not only being my practitioner, but also a great support and cheerleader...... - L.O.

Beth - our daughter turns 5 today (wow!)....words cannot convey how thankful I am to you for all that you did for me.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for doing what you do.......and being who you are! - Amy

Hi Beth, I came to you for acupuncture for infertility early last year.  I now have a beautiful 6 month old son and I want to thank you for helping me!  I continue to refer to you anyone I know that is having trouble conceiving or any other problems acupuncture can help.  -  K.K.

You are awesome!  Slept great last night and have been successful in getting things done today! Thank you so much......P.W.

Thanks, Beth!  Motherhood has been awesome so far.  So much more love than I ever could have imagined!......HJ

Hi Beth, I have great news!  The acupuncture you did before and after my embryo transfer worked!  I am pregnant!  Thank you so much!!!  Your magic needles helped a lot!  - A.F.

In labor!  Been here at the hospital since 5am...You are a very BIG part of our long journey.  I'll be sending a picture soon!....-SL   (very cute picture arrived that afternoon!)

Hey Beth, My beta doubled!!  I'm so excited.  I know this is it!  After all these times it didn't work and then with the acupuncture, I'm pregnant!  Thank you, thank you, thank you. - N.K.

Hi Beth, I have great news!!!   That acupuncture you did before and after my embryo transfer worked!!! I am pregnant!!!!   Thank you so much!!!  I'm sure your magic needles helped a lot! - KG

Hi Beth!!  I wanted to reach out to you.  More importantly to thank you for all of your help.  I truly believe the acupuncture helped bring me to a good place again.  So for that I am deeply thankful for meeting you... (now pregnant and expecting in the Spring....!)  JD

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